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Accident outside of Columbus that Jim successfully fought for.

We find out how your life has been affected and will work for fair compensation 
for you and your family.  

We’ve been helping injured people for over 25 years. Jim worked in construction and then trucking for almost 20 years before going to law school. Jim worked in the trucking industry for over If you have been injured by someone else’s negligence, you should be entitled to compensation for your pain and suffering, medical expenses, lost wages, lifestyle changes and other damages. You have enough to think about with your physical recovery. We will help you with you short term and long term recovery.

Traumatic injuries can have long term or even lifetime painful effects and permanent changes in our lifestyles. Studies prove that post trauma stress (PTSD) is much more prevalent than earlier thought. PTSD can sometimes make for a genuinely funny skit in a movie. For our returning soldiers, and for people suffering traumatic injury, PTSD is no joke. Some people nightmares, flashbacks and panic attacks. We’ve worked with people who were embarrassed by these symptoms as if it were their fault. Insurance companies and the professionals they employ can sometimes be arrogant and demeaning when dealing traumatically injured people. We stay involve working to get honest diagnoses, good treatment and personal respect for our clients.

“Consortium” claims are claims filed by the spouse of a person whose injury affects significantly affects both people’s lives. This can include the loss of services inside and around the house, loss of companionship and the embarrassing loss of marital intimacy. All of these losses are included when a fatality has occurred. Spouses can claim their own separate but related damages in these instances. There is a trap for the unwary though, the statue of limitations is sometimes shorter for a spouse’s claim. When another’s negligence or recklessness, or a defective product has caused injury or death, we seek compensation for the spouse’s losses.

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