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Workers Compensation
We listen to your side, help with your medical care and lost wages and make sure you and your family are treated with respect.

An injury on the job can have life-altering consequences. Along with the burden of recovery, there are also medical expenses to cover, lost wages to make up for and in some instances a permanently altered lifestyle. Some employers jump to the aid of their injured workers.  Unfortunately, other employers suddenly treat loyal, injured workers as ‘enemies’.  Sometimes employers or their middlemen interfere with necessary medical treatment for workers that only wanted good treatment so they could get back to work quickly.  

Kentucky’s workers’ compensation is designed to help workers and employers.  Employers are shielded from lawsuits as workers cannot sue their employers for injuries, even when caused by the employer’s negligence.   Workers in turn do not have to prove ‘fault’ for their injuries.   If you’re injured on the job you’re entitled to medical treatment and supplemental wages.   If your injury causes a permanent impairment, you are entitled to longer term benefits to offset your decreased earning capacity.  

Kentucky has a two year limit to file a formal claim or your legal rights might expire.   It is possible to suffer a permanent impairment and have your rights expire, even if your Employer has been paying for your medical care!  There are exceptions to these rules, but it is better to be safe than sorry and explore your rights before two years expire. We will explain these factors. These statutes and rules are also set forth on the Kentucky Workers’ Compensation website.

We handle a variety of workers’ compensation related cases, including those involving

  • Workplace accidents
  • Third-party claims – that is where an employee is injured while working, but by someone outside of his/her employment, such as a car crash or by defective equipment that didn’t belong to the Employer.  Workers injured by ‘Third Parties’ are still able to collect workers’ compensation while pursuing their outside claims.
  • Federal Employer Liability Act (FELA)(railroad workers)
  • Jones Act (sailors)
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Workers Compensation
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